Diamond compares his influence to that of Michael Jackson

Posted on Friday, January 17, 2020

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Diamond during one of his concerts

Bongo Flavour mega star Diamond Platnumz strongly believes that his influence on fans is similar to that of pop icon Michael Jackson (MJ). Jackson was not just famous for his music but also for his trademark moonwalk dance. The Tanzanian star has dominance on the African continent and is steadily taking over the rest of the world with his music.  

The Tetema hit maker held major concerts globally in 2019 that saw him get attention on the international scene. It’s safe to say that his hard work over the years is paying off. Recently sharing a video via social media of one of his shows Guinea Bissau, the singer alluded he has managed to pull the same effect MJ had on his fans.

Diamond captioned in the video

MJ type of stuff

He signed off with an emoji of Michael Jackson at the end.

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This is not the first time the singer has thought of himself as formidable in the music industry. At the end of 2019 he made the same remarks only this time Diamond was ridiculing his rivals; Ali Kiba and Harmonize after the fallout with the latter. The star made fun of the two Tanzanian artists for slashing ticket prices in order to have a sold out concert. He claimed if it was him headlining the event fans would have paid thrice the amount and fill up the stadium without breaking a sweat.

Diamond has been bragging about his busy schedule filled with shows in different countries every other month. He takes it a step further and claims that he is the only African artist who can fill up stadiums. In his defense, it’s just not all talk and no roar for self-proclaimed ‘Simba’. He was the only East African act on the CNN list of Africa’s best entertainers. He came in third place behind Nigerian Burna boy who was first followed by Beninese Angelique Kidjo.

Comparing his influence to that of the Global pop icon MJ might have been a stretch too far but the man has broken some glass ceilings and deserves the attention that he gets with the globe dancing to almost all his tunes.
Keep at it Diamond Platinumz

Author: Sophie Opondo