Valentines to be Abolished

Posted on Friday, February 7, 2020

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Ezekiel Mutua: CEO Kenya Film Classification Board

It’s not all rosy as the Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua issued a hilarious response to a request from the organisers of the Men’s Conference which will be held on 14th February.

Through a post on his page, Mutua noted he had been requested to give a speech to initiate the process of abolishing Valentine’s day, and replace it with a more-centric Kenyan cultural theme.

Following the trendy talk on social media, he accepted the proposal mounted on him to give a keynote speech.

‘’This year’s conference looks forward to reclaiming the lost glory and fortify the important place of man as head of society among other issues affecting Kenyan men’’, he hinted on his Facebook page.


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Valentines day set for this coming Friday

A lot of pressure has been put unduly on men including the recent Twa Twa craze.

‘’This conference comes against the backdrop of diminishing authority of the boychild in Kenya and an African attempt by women to ‘play men’ to detriment of our culture.’’ He added.

One of the sub themes of the proposed conference is ‘’Gather all, scatter none’’. We shall teach men how to love their wives and provide for their families. Said Dr Mutua.

Mutua promised to consult with elders and issue a comprehensive report afterwards.

The popular colour scheme red, is a tribute to Venus, a Roman goddess of love who is believed to have favoured a red rose.

Author: Judith Mutua