MCA Tricky on relationship with Rue baby and alleged accident

Posted on Friday, February 7, 2020

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Rue Baby and MCA Tricky

Churchill Show star Francis Munyao aka MCA Tricky was recently on ChatSpot and when asked about his relationship with Rue Baby, he said its complicated.

Akothee aka Madam Boss hinted that her daughter Rue is romantically involved with MCA Tricky. This was after she asked her daughter how her boyfriend is doing.

‘’How is your boyfriend MCA Tricky? Why are you catching feelings or are you shocked that I know’’, asked Akothee.

Akothee told Tricky to shave his grown hair as she finds long hair on men untidy.

She also went on to tell her daughter to ask MCA Tricky to buy her an iPhone.

MCA Tricky went on to instagaram and replied

‘Hair Addressing. This goes to @akotheekenya and all Barber shops in 254... kama ni kunyolewa nipelekwe SINGAPORE na @ahotheesafaris. Somebody tell @akotheekenya I AM NOOOT SHAVING but saving.’’

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Akothee blasts bloggers for faking road accident Rue Baby and MCA Tricky

The accident..

Tricky has blasted bloggers for allegedly reporting that he was involved in a road accident with his rumoured girlfriend.

‘’So kama jana, ilikua imeandikwa nimepata accident na Rue Baby, mama yake Akothee sijui ako wapi anaanza kuwa na wasi-wasi because hio time Rue alikua class anapigiwa hapick. You can imagine and they know an accident can happen any time, so ukisikia mtu amepata an accident, it is very believable; because an accident is very possible,’’ MCA Tricky said.

Tricky who is also a Radio presenter in a local station added that the article, which he had not seen, ruined his brand for reporting that he was drunk driving and speeding.

Akothee expressed her shock at the news and has threatened to sue.

It is not yet clear whether the two have been dating although they have been spotted together on several occasions. MCA Tricky also features her in his YouTube videos.

Below is a video of the full interview with Chatspot Lady Gang of Kush Tracey, Mary Mwikali, Mayonde and Joyce Maina.

Author: Judith Mutua