Valentine's Day Single Survival Kit

Posted on Thursday, February 13, 2020

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Valentine's day single

Happy Valentine’s Day! or should we say ‘Single’s awareness Day’? We’re sorry Cupid’s arrow didn’t hit just in time for Valentine’s but not to worry.

Being single on Valentines Day is awesome. But not for the obvious reasons.

A Un-Valentine’s Day Party...

Being unattached on February 14th isn’t awesome because you get to save money, or because your time is better spend binging on Netflix. And it’s definitely not awesome because couples are boring and lame, or because being in love sucks. These aren’t reasons why it’s cool to be single on Valentine’s Day.

It’s awesome because you are free to make the most of a very fun holiday. Why it’s actually cool to be single on Valentine’s Day:

Let’s start by appreciating that you are not obligated to create the best experience possible for someone else this year. How liberating is that? Thinking back on the evenings you spent at an overpriced dinner or an overhyped date, trying to live up to a silly expectation, probably wishing you could be doing anything else. Now’s your chance to do it!

Why not hack the ‘’something special’’ about Valentine’s Day and do something no one else is going to do. The most liberating thing is that you can do whatever you want.

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Broken-hearted on Valentine's day? Here is how to bury your head in the sand

So why have a party on Valentine’s Day?

Because no one else is. Couples are doing couple things. Single people are either out at the bars chasing other single people, or they’re sulking at home. Virtually, no one throws a party for Valentines Day. Even though it is exactly what every single person secretly wants.

Now, a V-Day party full of couples could be awkward. A party full of singles could probably be a little desperate, and off-putting to anyone you actually wanted to show up. But a relaxed casual hang-out for singles (or couples who don’t ‘’do’’ Valentine’s-Day)-that’s a recipe for a night to remember.

But you’re certainly not limited to a traditional party. Again, you are aiming for the alternative experience, so think outside the box.

What you do matters less than how you do it – you’re really just aiming for something memorable, special and low-maintenance. Being single on Valentines can be a great thing, because if you have a better time than you’ve ever had while attached, then you’ve succeeded.

Ultimately, if you’re having fun, then you’re most certainly creating the same kind of experience everyone so desperately wants on this under-appreciated holiday.

Author: Judith Mutua