Do Life Partners make good Business Partners, with the WaJesus Family (Peter and Milly)

Posted on Tuesday, February 18, 2020

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Peter Kabi (Kabi wa Jesus) and Milly Kabi (Milly wa Jesus).

Most couples, especially young couples, prefer to steer clear the uncomfortable subject of money in relationships. Many admit that many frictions have money as the root cause. Is it possible to completely avoid the money talk? The WaJesus Family seem to have dispatched these myths to go on and run successful ventures together.

So what has enabled the pair to craft what seems to be perfect chemistry in relationship and in business?

The Bantu Films..

Celebrity YouTuber couple Peter, 29, studied film at Kenyatta University, while Milly, also 26, studied business management in the same institution. They dated from 2014 before getting married in 2017. They jointly run Bantu Films, a film production company.

 ‘’During our dating phase, Milly would offer insights on my activities, issues like such as how to budget and spend money, all drawing from her background in business management. Every time I heed her advice, it would turn out she was right. I didn’t consider her a potential business partner at that time though.’’ Peter recounts. Over time, he realized how much he was missing out by not actively involving her in the business, which he started after college.

The couple’s main area of business includes shooting weddings and events, music videos, documentaries and personal photography, all which involve teamwork. According to Milly, ‘’he is very talented in photography and videography. Clients relate to him more on set directing while am the behind-the-scenes force in charge of commercial and managerial aspects of our business.’’

Milly insists that for a partnership in business and family to work, couples should avoid arm twisting each other.

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Peter and Milly expecting their first born.

A big family..

Away from work, the couple welcomed their first bundle of joy in early October last year, a son, Taji, and they say they are already planning to make more.

In addition to Bantu Films, the celebrity couple runs a successful YouTube Vlog that has more than 100k subscribers where they document their day to day activities; from home to meetings, events, holidays and any other things that have to do with their lives. Their followers have increased tremendously since the birth of their son.

On the wisdom of investing together, this arrangement motivates each person to give their all into the partnership and to nurture the person they are with. The family business is the best business model; it has has been tested and proved over the ages. The decision making process is smoother because your person shares your inspirations, has no hidden or selfish agenda, and wants the best for the family.

Other couples that have  made it big  balancing a marriage and a business venture are; Simon Kabu and Sarah Kabu of Bonfire Adventures, and Chris Kirwa and Cate Kirwa of Cate Chris Limited.

They plan to keep up with the trend to prove marriage works, especially for young families, and in business too.

All the best the WaJesus Family!

Author: Judith Mutua